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Големите открития се дължат на страстта, ангажираността и отдадеността на хора, екипи и компании, които работят за откриването и разработването на нови лекарства за пациентите.
Прочетете посланията, на експертите които не спират да работят, за да стане светът по-здравословно място.

Иновацията във фармацията има смисъл само, когато достига до нуждаещите се от нея. Ние #НямаДаСпрем докато достиженията на науката не станат достъпни за българските пациенти.

Генерален мениджър, Абви ЕООД

Кирил Николчев, България

През следващите години фармацевтичната индустрия ще разработи нови терапии за нерешените проблеми в онкологията, диабета, хемофилията, болест на Алцхаймер, инфекциите, чернодробни заболявания, мигрената. Ние #НямаДаСпрем, докато не осигурим шанс на всеки български пациент да се лекува с най-добрите терапии.

Изпълнителен директор, ARPharM

Деян Денев, България

We Won’t Rest until our innovative medicines are made available to all eligible cancer patients worldwide.

President, Europe & Canada, Takeda

Giles Platford, Zurich, Switzerland

#WeWontRest until we have found a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Head of Europe Diabetes & Cardiovascualr Business Units, Sanofi

Marc-Antoine Lucchini, France

Director Medical Affairs Infectious Diseases, MSD.

Brand Manager, AbbVie

Karin Hagen, Sweden

#WeWontRest until we develop transformational vaccines to prevent, intercept, treat and cure life-threatening infectious diseases.

Global Head, Janssen Vaccines, Janssen

Johan Van Hoof, The Netherlands

#WeWontRest until every cancer patient can return to a normal life.

Managing Director Italy, MSD

Nicoletta Luppi, Italy

As precision medicine opens new doors in the treatment of cancer, we must overcome challenges in finding the right patient for the right treatment. #WeWontRest until patients can be considered for multiple trials on the basis of a single molecular screening.

Head of External Innovation, Merck

Dr. Joern-Peter Halle, Germany

We won't rest in research to develop new drugs that can cure diseases that still do not have effective solutions.

Head of Clinical Research, Grupo Menarini España

Isabel Paredes, Spain

#WeWontRest until hepatitis C is eliminated

Brand Manager, AbbVie

Victoria Black, UK

#WeWontRest until we live in a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.

General Manager, Sanofi UK, Sanofi

Hugo Fry, UK

#WeWontRest. Migraine matters and we are committed to working with the migraine community to discover new ways to improve people’s lives and give patients the voice they deserve.

Worldwide Head Neuroscience, Novartis

Lisa Deschamps

#WeWontRest until we unlock data sets all over Europe that will drive research and shape more effective patient care.

Director General, EFPIA

Nathalie Moll, Belgium

I won’t rest until patients can use their smartphones to give us trial feedback in real time.

R&D Operations Innovation Director, Janssen

Hilde Vanaken

#WeWontRest until we have the best teams working together to find new innovative therapies that help patients live longer and healthier lives.

Head of Commercial and Innovation, Roche Region Europe

Rachel Frizberg

#WeWontRest until we include patient insights in the planning of every clinical program.

Global Head Patient Affairs and Policy, Chief Medical Office, Novartis

Cathryn Clary

#WeWontRest to support and conduct clinical trials until diseases have lost their negative impact on human lives.

President (Pharmig)/ CEO (Amgen Austria), Pharmig/Amgen Austria

Martin Munte, Austria

We have advanced science and medicine to provide a cure for Hepatitis C and #WeWontRest until we have eliminated it.

Hepatitis C Brand Team Leader, AbbVie

Nuria de Diego , Spain

#WeWontRest until not one person loses their life to a vaccine-preventable illness.

Vice President Commercial Development, International Developed Markets, Pfizer

Pascale Mauran, France

#WeWontRest until we bring new advances and pioneering therapies in migraine to the patients that need them the most worldwide.

Global Head, Neuroscience Development, Novartis

Danny Bar-Zohar

#WeWontRest until health is embedded in all policies, to achieve healthier lives at all ages and stages, wherever we live.

Director General, IFPMA

Thomas B. Cueni, Switzerland

#WeWontRest until we have helped asthma patients to #LiveEveryBreath.

Respiratory Global Franchise Medical Head, GSK

Neil Barnes

#WeWontRest while opportunities exist to leverage innovative technologies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients.

Pharmacovigilance Innovation Senior Specialist, Global Drug Safety & Risk Management, Celgene

Karolina Danysz

#WeWontRest in our objective to transform the way cancer is treated allowing patients to achieve better health results and better quality of life.

Oncology Head of Medical Affairs, AbbVie

Gema García Ledo, Spain

#WeWontRest in our Research efforts to bring innovative medicines that makes a real difference to all patients’ lives.

Senior Executive Vice-President Research and Development, Servier

Emmanuel Canet

#WeWontRest until we incorporate the patient voice in the treatment decision making process and ensure patients as key stakeholders.

Patient Experience Solution Lead, Immunology Patient Value Unit, UCB

Virginia Zumárraga, Spain

#WeWontRest until diagnosis becomes easier for every disease.

Value and Access Lead, Sanofi Genzyme

Walter Mei, Italy

#WeWontRest until we have helped eradicate all vaccine-preventable diseases.

SVP – Head of Research & Development, GSK Vaccines

Emmanuel Hanon

The World Health Organisation (WHO) places migraine as the top 10 of the most disabling diseases. #WeWontRest until migraine becomes a manageable condition.

Senior Director, Pain Discovery UK, Lilly

Lisa Broad, UK

#WeWontRest to ensure that our medicines, clinical trials and services meet the expectations of patients and patient organisations.

Member of the Board of Managing Directors, Boehringer Ingelheim

Allan Hillgrove, Germany

#WeWontRest until insights from individual patient experiences of living with and managing disease are built into every part of the lifecycle of our medicines and vaccines.

Group President, Innovative Health, Pfizer

John Young

#WeWontRest in our endeavor to find innovative solutions that make a difference in the lives of patients affected by serious medical conditions

Head of Research & Development, Bayer

Jörg Möller, Germany

#WeWontRest until all of the outstanding unmet need across the spectrum of SMA disease is addressed and the full impact of treatment is fully understood.

Head of Marketing SMA, Europe & Canada, Biogen

Tracy-Jane Bailey-Burnley, Switzerland

#WeWontRest until we make it possible for every eligible patient to participate in a clinical trial – irrespective their location, socio-economic status, age, mobility - and we make this participation an all-round positive experience for them.

Global Head for Trial Operations, Sanofi

Terttu Haring, The Netherlands/France

Alzheimer’s: forgetting what was so obvious before. We continue to strive to find a treatment that modifies the course of the disease and #WeWontRest until we do so.

Country Manager Belgium/Luxembourg, Lilly

Frederic Clais, Belgium

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