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Jaymz Goodman

Living with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

For the chance to pursue music, pursue arts, be creative and find a new path in life


Medicine was able to rid me of my cancer, allowing me to have another chance at life. They allowed me to travel, meet people, gain confidence and change the person who I was into someone I’m proud to be.

I’ve had the chance to give back and support others through my treatment and help make their lives better as a result from my treatment.

I hope they can avoid the loneliness that cancer causes. I hope they can avoid the sickness that I endured and the mental difficulties that came through the fear and desperation that I endured as a result of my diagnosis.

Issues I'd like to raise would be around having more peer support for young people with cancer, giving them more fellow cancer patients to be able to spend their time with and just understand what they’re going through. Also, to make sure that our NHS is protected over the years to come and that all people with cancer receive the same level of outstanding treatment that I did.

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